Certified Mobile Pentester

Certified Mobile Pentester (CMP)

This course is highly designed from basic to advance and keeping in view with penetration testing in real-time scenarios. This course includes for both Grey, black and white-box testing. The complete course designed with all the chapters with practical demonstrations.

  • 1. Introduction
    1. 1.1 What this course is all about?
  • 2. Lab Setup
    1. 2.1 Hands on complete list of tools
  • 3. Android Architecture
    1. 3.1 Practically demonstration how an Android Device/app looks like at OS level
      3.2 Demonstration of debuggers
      3.2 Demonstration of DVM
      3.3 Memory Allocations
  • 4. Static Analysis Checks
    1. 4.1 RE of an android app
      4.2 Debugging application to code level
      4.3.Trace back hard coded information
      4.4 Cryptographic findings
      4.5 Broken Authentications
      4.6 locating Databases values
      4.7 Decoding databases
      4.8 Decrypting Certificates
  • 5. Dynamic Checks
    1. 5.1 Introduction and configuration to Interceptors
      5.2 Demonstration of web attacks such as SQLI, XSS, Session based attacks using interceptors
      5.3 Running wireshark for network analysis
      5.4 SSL Pinning bypass
      5.5 And some of examples from past
  • 5. Android Forensics:
    1. 6.1 Log tracing
      6.2 Recover data

Who should attend ?

  • All students who use computers and Internet for their personal or academic work
  • College students for Industrial training.
  • Students from any stream can attend this training.
  • Students who want to make their career in Information Security and Ethical Hacking.
  • Staff and Employees of colleges/school can join this training to live more secure from various attacks.

Things required for Online Training

  • Laptop or Desktop (Os: Win7 / Win8 / Mac)
  • Internet Connection (Speed: min. 25mbps)
  • Headphones with mic

Key Take

  • The premier Certification in Certified Mobile Pentester
  • Hacking and Security Tools, Books, Tutorials to each student
  • Training by White Hat Hackers, Ethical Hackers, and Information Security Experts
  • Covers both sides of the coin - Attacks and Counter measures
  • Live training on pre attacks with their Counter measures, Hands on use many technical tools